About me


I’m Sorana and I’m a London based conceptual graphic designer and visual experimenter. I now work as a senior designer at Angel Costumes.

I’m passionate about minimal design, conceptual expressions, typography and contradictions. This website presents some stills in my voyage through meaning and the delicacy of discrimination in visual communication. I never stopped learning and some of the designs here represent different stages of that process.


I used to like working in Corel Draw for the my own projects, but I’ve come to love Photoshop and Illustrator and I’m quite comfortable working with InDesign. I’m at ease on Microsoft Windows as I am on a Apple’s Macs.

Involved in:

  • Book Spine Poetry, a little online place where some people gather around to tell stories with book spine titles.
  • Walthamstow Times, a local community not for profit project where art, news and cultures nicely collide.

Contact me for visual brand communication, infographics, graphic design for print advertising, t-shirt and other creative work. You can find me online, on the various platforms listed in the menu, using the contact form on this page or, if you like coffee, biscuits and a face to face chat, I’ll be happy to treat you to a coffee in Walthamstow, East London.